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Real Time Information and Auto Enrolment Pensions Payroll Advice

Real Time Information and Annual Schemes Update

HMRC have received a number of requests since April 2013 from employers, asking that we change the status of their PAYE schemes to annual.

At the moment,we are unable process requests from employers to:

  • move to paying annually and register as an annual scheme
  • change their payment frequency

A fix will be in place by the end of July and we will confirm this in a 'What's New' message. Until that time, if you do not pay any employees, you should send in a 'nil' Employer Payment Summary by the 19th of each month.

When the fix is in place, we will accept all the requests that have been made and change those schemes to annual.

We will provide information on what action should be taken once the fix is in place.

RTI Rolls Out

On 6 April 2013 employers across the UK started reporting their PAYE information to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in real time.

Further to HMRC's Press Release on 4 April 2013, real time information (RTI) went live as planned at 06.00 on 6 April 2013 when employers across the UK started reporting their PAYE to HMRC in real time. A further press release will be issued today.

So far HMRC has received over 70,000 PAYE submissions in real time - in line with what was expected in the first few days.

If you have not yet prepared your business for real time reporting, there's still time. Read HMRC's guide on preparing to operate PAYE in real time where you'll find all the guidance you need to get you started.